There is something special about this Maui restaurant, something very intimate and most importantly, consistent with delicious food and friendly staff we have gotten to know very well, who welcome us warmly on every visit. The amazing and original sushi roll creations you must try, like one of my favourite is the lollipop roll that is wrapped in cucumber and on the inside has tuna, hamachi, salmon, shrimp, asparagus, masago, ponzu, absolutely mouth wateringly good. They also do other scrumptious traditional rolls you may find at other sushi restaurants but Nuka does it really well, it doesn’t fall apart, it has the right amount of fish prepared with much care and always the perfect size. The sushi chef’s do an excellent job of making sure they order the best quality fish you can buy and you can tell the fish is of a very fine quality, ultra fresh with a buttery soft texture that I always crave when I visit a sushi restaurant.